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The mission of Brandon United Methodist Church is to change people’s lives by helping them to grow in their spiritual relationship with God and to demonstrate God’s love by serving others.
In 1848 Reverend H. Allen, a  lay preacher and farmer, called a group of pioneers toghether from the northern part of Metomen.  That meeting was the foundation for a church that would serve our community for more than 100 years.
Families were scattered and distances had to be covered, but the inner need for a place of worship was necessary to this group of Methodists.  The community centered around Brandon, for this was now a railroad junction and had become a center of business.  At a meeting held on December 22, 1856, the Methodists decided to build a church in Brandon.  The following excerpts from an official record were:  
“We, the subscribers propose to build a church in the village of Brandon to be known as the M.E. Church, to be owned by the subscribers and controlled by trustees appointed by them; said church to be fifty feet long by thirty feet wide and we agree to pay the sum set opposite our names as follows…”
There was subscribed at that time $1,418.00.
This was the beginning of our present church, as it occupied the present site.  The first pastor to be appointed was the Rev. C. W. Slater.  Under the pastorate of Rev. Slater, the church body was moved from the Union Prairie School to Brandon,  Services were held in homes, school houses, and at times in Warren Hall’s Hotel.EPSON MFP image
In 1863, the church building was completed, a dream had been fulfilled.  It was dedicated during the pastorate of Rev. Henry Requa.
In 1868, the Sunday School was the largest in the village with 75 pupils.
By 1871, the small church building was outgrown, and had to be replaced by a larger church.  The official board proposed to cut the church in two parts in the center filling in 20 feet, including a window.  EPSON MFP imageA high bell tower was added and a bell put in.  The entrance on the south side and gallery were added.  The church re-dedication on October 4, 1871, the Rev. G.F. Reynolds was pastor at the time with Rev. W. G. Miller preaching the dedicatory sermon.
In 1876 the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society was organized with ten charter members.  In the same year the church purchased the adjacent lots for the site of the new parsonage.
By 1884 there was a flourishing Methodist church, complete with a building, parsonage, Sunday School and Foreign Missionary Society, under the guidance of Re. Jesse Cole.  At this time, the Methodist Episcopal Church of America was 100 years old.  
In 1890, women were voted to be lay delegates to the general conference due to their faithful work in the church.
Under the guidance of Rev. Raby, a much needed improvement was started in October 1922.  A modern basement was Church and parsonagebuilt.
Throughout the years there have been many improvements made to our building.  Gas lights (1904) were replaced by electric ones in 1919. Concrete sidewalks were laid in 1912.  A Wurlitzer Organ was purchased on March 22, 1950.  A new bell was purchased in 1952 to replace the damaged bell in the bell tower.  The basement and parsonage were modernized in 1954.  A dual zone furnace and air conditioner were added in 2004.  The church became wheel chair accessible in 2008, with the addition of a lift.  By 2014, a sound stage and media screen with projector was added. The sanctuary was given a fresh look in 2015.
Because of the splendid efforts and cooperation of members and friends of the church, we now have a beautiful house of worship.  It is a living memorial to the faithful men and women who have served it.  Like the Greek runners of old, they have handed the torch of Christian teachings from one generation to the next. Spring Church Building Image